It is almost impossible to watch a

sunset and not dream. 

If you can dream it, you can do it.


A Bit About Me

I'm blessed to have a beautiful sunset in my front yard! Sunsets only last a few minutes but provide the perfect opportunity to reflect and dream. I continuously challenge myself to make my dreams a reality.


While raising my beautiful children, I have taken every opportunity as an educator to continue learning. It's through my love of learning that I developed my love of creating.

Creating started with my Cricut but quickly evolved to every aspect of my Engineering and Design Educator career. I used many types of software to design homes, bridges, robots, and 3D prototypes. 

I managed/altered multiple LMS's, created coursework, how-to videos, exams, info-graphics, and much more.

I wanted to change careers.  LEAVE THE CLASSROOM.  Scary?  YES! 

I was planning on leaving a 15-year career. 


My journey began with IDOL Courses Academy.  I added Canva, ScreenCast, Camtasia, Vyond, Articulate, and Audacity to my skill set.  I successfully landed 2 contracts, started my own business, and turned in my letter of resignation.  NO REGRETS!

As an added bonus, I became an IDOL Mentor to help others pursue their dreams.

While watching a sunset, I now create full-time! Creating, as an Instructional Designer, will be a reality.

Dreams DO come true.


Work Experience

Remote Education

Technology, Engineering, and Design Educator

Onslow County Schools

August 2005 - June 2021

Wine Sketch

Sales Representative

Chatham Hill Winery

March 2019 - November 2020

Financial Report

Statistical Analyst


January 2014 - January 2015

Aviation Show

Training Petty Officer

U.S. Navy

May 1998 - November 2001


M.A. Human Resource Development

Webster Univeristy

December 2003

Graduation Ceremony

B.S. Business Administration

University of Maryland

August 2002

College Campus